Smart Panic Button : Lockdown System

Recent, ugly incidents have made us aware that something must be done to make schools safer. The need to lockdown a building can be vital for schools, health care facilities, utility companies, technology businesses and many others. Luckily, our Lockdown System can handle that, instantly.

We are proud to install equipment and software that works along with the S2 Threat Level Escalator. This is a software application that allows authorized personnel to immediately change the threat level status of a location in their access control system from their mobile device or a single button. This Lockdown System one-button interface is optimized for rapid response to emergency situations.

The Lockdown System button initiates the customized response protocol set ahead of time. For instance, it can lockdown the entire facility or send communications to a command center or dial an emergency phone number.


Each user of the Lockdown System and the mobile devices are managed by the access control system administrator and each is assigned specific location and threat level credentials. This application is password protected on the device so that only authorized personnel can escalate the threat level. High-risk organizations like schools, hospitals and industries that work with hazardous environments and materials are particularly well-suited for this type of access control system.

Industries that could benefit from Lockdown System

  • Education
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Health Care
  • Technology

When integrated with your access control system, the Lockdown System is capable of locking every door in your facility in ten seconds or less, regardless of the number of doors the building has to the outside. The Lockdown System is basically a smart panic button that puts into play the actions you have pre-planned for safety– you do not have to think about what to do– only push the button and run.