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Help us Save Healing Horses in Wesley Chapel

This is our unabashed plea for assistance to save Healing Horses. Healing Horses One Child at a Time, Inc., is a Wesley Chapel 501c3 organization that takes in abused and neglected horses for rehabilitation and allows at risk and special needs youth to help care for them. The organization was founded by Beverly Levitt in 2010 and is located on Bennington Drive in Wesley Chapel.This type of equine therapy is well-known and highly regarded as helpful for these children and young adults, while at the same time these beautiful animals are nursed back to health in a loving and caring environment. In an unfortunate turn of events, the organization is struggling to stay afloat and keep the horses fed and Healing Horses Save Healing Horses Picsave Healing Horses

“There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.”– attributed to Winston Churchill.

Healing Hands One Child at a Time Inc. has a future that is in serious doubt; operating funds have declined but the bills keep coming– food, medicines, and veterinarian visits are all expensive items. Here is a little of what Beverly had to say recently on the organization’s Facebook page:

“We have dangled on a dangerous cliff of survival that is so not necessary and risks not only the horses, but our successful program for children in need, that we do at no charge to our community or their families. We need YOU to not pass this post thinking someone else will pick up the torch, but instead pledge a $5 a month pledge to keep our doors open, allow us to continue o ur mission and make a difference in lives of four legged and two legged sentient beings.”

Please do what you can to help– whether that is a one-time or recurring donation, a bale of hay, or simply to help us spread the word that help is needed to rescue this outstanding organization. Remember, too, that donations are tax deductible. Our company is committed to helping; we have seen first hand the difference caring for a horse can make, and we know a young lady who is thriving in part due to time spent at the Healing Horses facility. [bctt tweet=”Help save Healing Horses. Click here to donate at their website:″ via=”no”]

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